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Here's is a lawn that has been transformed from St. Augustine grass struggling with chinch bugs by expanding planting beds and adding shrubs that are hardy in our climate.  Growing St. Augustine grass is tantamount to growing a crop requiring a substantial amount of chemicals and water to thrive.  Florida Friendly plants are better able to sustain without extraordinary care.

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Pictured below is an area adjacent a golf course, where the back yard used to be primarily grass.  Grass didn't grow well in this shady location and invited lawn pests.  The homeowner replaced the grass via expanding planting beds with plants appropriate for the setting.  Now the area will require less water, lawn pests will not thrive, and it is more attractive!  Note, in this area four neighbors worked together in refurbishing their lawns!
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When cinch bugs destroy
grass, expanding beds &
putting in appropriate plants
is wise.
Shade made it hard for this
area to sustain grass; neighbors
joined forces & created
appropriate planting bed;
this is a 'before' photo
'After' photo
'right plant, right location'
'After' photo
'right plant, right location'

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This homeowner removed high maintenance grass and replaced it with Florida Friendly landscaping and Maleleuca mulch.  This new landscaping will be easier to maintain than the adjacent grass.

This is typical yard blight we see with St. Augustine grass; the solution being employed is adding more sprinkler heads; there are better alternatives - see below..........


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This is an example of plantings adjacent a lake that is effective in slowing the run off of fertilizer into the water, and subsequently into Shakett Creek and our bays.  This landscaping also prevents grass clippings, another source of nitrogen, from getting into the water. You can see this certified Florida Friendly landscaping at 2127 Calusa Lakes Blvd, Nokomis.

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This is an example of what happens during heavy rain when there isn't a buffer protecting the lakes from fertilizer run off.

Please think twice before you re-sod with St. Augustine grass (what we presently have); St. Augustine requires a lot of water, is easily invaded with golf course grasses, is susceptible to fungus, Nematodes & Chinch Bugs will return to damage your newly planted sod.
There are 'Florida Friendly' options!
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Before Can Look Like This!
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