Sarasota County Charter Review Board

Having NACA Board Member Bruce Dillon being a candidate for Sarasota County Charter Review Board has prompted the question "Who and what is the Charter Review Board?"  Sarasota County is one of twenty charter counties in Florida representing about seventy five percent of the population.  Hence, it is the larger counties that tend have charters.  Interestingly, Sarasota is the only county that elects their Charter Review Board, every other county appoints members.  Sarasota County is divided into five districts (see map), each district has two representatives on the Charter Review Board for a total of ten members with four year terms. Representatives are elected county wide.

The purpose of the Charter Review Board is to review the operation of Sarasota County Government on behalf of the citizens and to recommend changes for the improvement of the county charter.  Importantly, the intent for the Charter Review Board was and is not to be activist and not to be special agenda driven, nor be a "shadow government" second guessing the Board of County Commissioners. Modifying the charter is designed to be cumbersome so it is not undertaken frequently and without a lot of thought.


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