The Nokomis Area Civic Association - NACA is a collection of resident volunteers representing 38 Nokomis homeowner
associations and unincorporated Nokomis areas for the purpose of promoting the general welfare and quality of life
in Nokomis and Sarasota County.

COMMUNITY  ALERT - TOP PRIORITY                     

Local developer, Henry Rodriguez seeks to rezone his Nokomis Inn & Suites Motel  
into a half-way house.  Required "community workshop" is Monday, December 18;  
see download (pdf).   Important, Mr. Rodriguez clearly knows that imposing a drug  
half-way house is absolutely against the wishes of NACA, the Nokomis Revitalization  
goals & plan.  He's choosing to oppose the community so he can sell his motel to   
the half-way house operators.                      



Contact a NACA Board Member with questions.                

Click On Picture To See Meeting Video On YouTube

Former County Administrator Mr. Tom Harmer was NACA guest speaker at the
 Quarterly Meeting April 2017.  Pictured here Mr. Harmer is chatting with Sarasota
Former Planning Commissioner Mark Hawkins and NACA Board Member,
 Patrick McCarthy
. Mr. Hawkins is a candidate for County Commission District 4
 currently held by Alan Maio.  See below for more information about Mr. Maio and
 his betrayal of Nokomis and Sarasota County taxpayers.
N A C A     C A L E N D A R 
Next Meeting, January 2018

Co-Founder & President of Control Growth Now
Many important topics will be discussed including:  Traffic Congestion; Over-Development;
Impact Fees On New Construction; Long-Term Planning For The Benefit Of Residents
Check Back Closing To The Meeting For Additional Information & Opportunity To Ask
Questions In Advance For Addressing During The Meeting!

NACA Board Member Bruce Dillon & Mark Hawkins
Candidate For District 4 Sarasota County Commission

October 2017 NACA Meeting Addressed What Did We Learn From
Hurricane Wilma?  What did we do right & where can we improve?

NACA Quarterly Meeting - February 2017
Attorney - Mr. Dan Lobeck - Guest Speaker

"Thank You Mr. Lobeck For Your Time & Being Such An Effective Speaker!"
Quality Of Life - Managing Sarasota County Growth

N A C A Quarterly Meeting - July 2017
Grants & Money For Neighborhoods
"Thank You Sarasota County Neighborhood Services!"


Thank You Miranda Lansdale, Sarasota County
Community Outreach Specialist For Speaking


Sarasota County has signed a letter of intent with CSX Railroad to purchase 7.7 miles of rail corridor between the current Northern terminus of trail just South of Clark Road, and extending North to Payne Park in downtown Sarasota.  This is really BIG, POSITIVE news!

The parties are now finalizing the contract details, and preparation for obtaining grant money is in the works.  Stay tuned, we'll post updates as they become available.

Map of the current trail showing the
extension in green.
County To Build Fleet Maintenance Facility At
Our I-75 Eastern Gateway Against Community Wishes & Best Financial Practices; BETRAYAL BY OUR OWN COUNTY COMMISSIONER ALAN MAIO!

1. Mr. Maio is tone deaf to the goals and aspirations of local residents.
2. Mr. Maio believes that he "knows better" what is best for us (hubris).
3. Mr. Maio refused to listen to reason as to why there is a better nearby location
for this facility that not only is preferable to local residents, but benefits all residents
of Sarasota County (huge financial impact in perpetuity).
4. Mr. Maio is choosing to avoid the voters determining this major expenditure via
referendum; again, he knows best vs. the citizens.  Ask him why!?
5. Mr. Maio is proving that we have a "local political swamp" in Sarasota
County, and he has become the plug covering the drain!
6. Taxpayers are now going to have to pay for the projects that Mr. Maio & his
fellow commissioners are doing!  They didn't ask for voter approval, but will
extract money via other means (under the radar).  Stay tuned & we'll report.
7.  Mr. Maio, along with his chief political advisor Bob Waechter, openly state
to fellow "insiders" that there's no need to worry about upsetting residents as
long as they are not Republican primary voters. It's their belief, and history
confirms that they're correct, that county commissioners are elected in the
Republican primary.

Celery Fields Park - What Does The Future Hold?
In spite of Commissioner Maio, and Commissioner
Moran supporting the construction of a recycling plant next to Celery Field
park, the three other commissioners voted "no."

The petitioner, James Gabbert, wishing to construct the recycling facility is a chief
contributor to Commissioner Alan Maio (and Commissioner Moran).  In fact, Al Maio
holds the strategy meetings for his re-election campaign in Mr. Gabberts office!

See Information About The Celery Fields:
Sarasota Audubon Society

Petition Associated With Issue

"A Lump Of Coal For Our Community"  Legendary Betrayal By Commissioners & Sheriff.....
Elected Officials Are Callous To Local Residents "because they can" and just after election!
16 Years Of Nokomis Revitalization Citizen Leaders Surprised, Then Ignored In Spite Of Knowing
That Constructing A Vehicle Maintenance Facility At This Location Is Not In The Best Interest Of
Nokomis/North Venice Area Gateway Development.  It's Thinly Disguised As For Safety, But It's
About Commissioner Maio Getting His Name On His "Legacy Project" In Nokomis.  Mr. Maio is
deliberately, and knowingly, choosing to put himself ahead of his community!

Oh...What Could Have Been...Citizens Ignored & Opportunity Squandered By Elected Leaders
Commissioner Maio's "Legacy Project"
"There are more votes on the East side of the interstate & they don't want it over there."   A. Maio
"Let's meet for some pasta, comfort food, and you'll feel better."  A. Maio

2006, 2007 Law & Fire Studies 2006, 2007 Law & Fire Studies Knight's Trail & Rustic Rd Plan
Knight's Trail & Rustic Rd Plan (top)
Master Plan Study pictured above addressing both Fire & Law Enforcement needs.  Large site on Knight's Trail selected & plan drafted.
Current Sheriff & County Commissioner (lead by then Chairman Alan Maio) ignored plan & actually refused to look at it when it was presented!
Instead Sheriff & Commissioners going forward with a high value, high profile "Gateway Location" to construct a vehicle maintenance
facility vs. the recommended low value, low profile location on Knight's Trail just a short distance away.  Additionally, this strategy will
require that the county locate a 2nd site for county vehicle maintenance as the Honore' & Laurel Road site is not large enough to
accommodate both needs.  The current strategy is designed to avoid bringing these projects to the public for discussion & referendum.
"Why is the Sheriff and County Commission afraid to put these projects to a vote via a
public referendum as previously discussed?"

Encouraged by Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight, the Board of County Commissioners lead by Nokomis residents Alan Maio, & Charles Hines
voted on December 13th to construct a Vehicle Maintenance Facility on the newly opened Honore' Avenue at Laurel Road.  This vote was in
spite pleas from neighbors, NACA & a petition of about 130 residents.  Mr. Maio told a former NACA Board Member that this is a "done deal"
and he wishes it to be his "legacy project!" 
In our view, the community needs to keep this fact in mind come next election!

Good Stewards Of Public Assets?  Land value 5+ million depending on zoning (and the county controls the zoning)...
In their view, this land use is appropriate for the Eastern Gateway To Laurel, North Venice and Nokomis.  Of course, using just 4 acres of
this 14 acre building site for a commercial use such as a hotel would generate about $250,000 in taxes annually - not including the jobs
created, or the taxes generated by those jobs.  This also does not include the cash generated from the sale of the property with a high dollar
value.  And, in their wise view, this is the best site for the next 50 years even though there is a much larger site, already owned by the county,
& appropriately zoned for government use (GU) on Knight's Trail at Rustic Road.  This site is adjacent other Sheriff facilities, & was
identified by Sarasota County during two studies in 2006 & 2007 as ideal for expansion & consolidation of Sheriff facilities (our NACA President
at the time was part of the study group).  This report was ignored by the County Commissioners & Sheriff.  Sheriff Knight told NACA leaders that he
was not made aware of this study by staff or County Commissioners.  The Knights Trail site is also large enough to accommodate the county 
"white fleet" which is also in need of a new location.  There can be some shared costs if both facilities are in the same location.
"Is it possible that our county leaders are contemplating a similar 2nd fleet maintenance construction project for the "white fleet" at a cost just under
the threshold for a public referendum?"   That would be roughly another 20 million dollars, and needed, because this facility is not combined with the
Sheriff facility as originally planned.  Again, is this good stewardship by Mr. Maio and his fellow commissioners who absolutely knew what they were
doing when they voted the Nokomis Laurel Road facility on a site too small to accommodate both needs!

When the 2006 & 2007 studies were offered to our local Nokomis Commissioner Maio, he declined to accept them for review and sharing.

"It's just public tax money - 22 million a small amount."  Trusted fiscal stewards?  This strategy of separating projects is a slick way to
avoid a public conversation & referendum on a major government building programs.

NACA was repeatedly criticized for not getting involved earlier in the process before final decisions were made.  Sheriff Knight told NACA leaders
that he's been working on this project for 18 months with county commissioners.  Of course, NACA didn't learn about this proposed project until after the
neighborhood workshop was held last May. NACA was not included in the notice process for the required neighborhood workshop.  This is in spite
of repeated attempts to be placed on the mailing list for all Nokomis area projects.  Our former NACA President was the Chairman of the
Planning Commission at the time; even he didn't learn of this project until after the neighborhood workshop was held, & he received resident inquiries.

In our view, it is the responsibility of the county to be transparent and effectively notify citizens vs. placing the lack of knowledge blame & burden
on residents as was done by Commissioner Alan Maio.  In fact, Sheriff Knight and Mr. Maio met with leaders of Venetian Golf & River Club on the
East side of I-75 to obtain their support of their project, but chose to keep residents on the West side of I-75 in the dark.  This is because to obtain
Venetian Golf & River Club support, the project has to be located on the West side of the I-75.  Again, Mr. Maio stated "they have more votes on their
side of the interstate!"

Elections matter - & our residents need to keep this issue in our minds when this group of elected officials come calling for our money
& votes down the road.  Commissioners Paul Caragiulo, & Alan Maio both are up for re-election in two years.  We absolutely know that Alan Maio has already
began implementing his re-election strategy for 2018, & fund raising plans to build a war chest to attack his Republican primary opponent(s).  He's already
proven in 2014 that he'll readily go negative with the intent to slim opponents; and, he thinks that this is integrity and leadership!  We must do better!

PERSPECTIVE: "We don't know how a principled, trusted and loyal individual could sleep at night in the face of such betrayal."  Please tell us how
you are able to sleep
Commissioner Maio?

NACA plans to be vigilant in monitoring this, & other County Commissioner activities & votes.  Our trust has proven to have been
misplaced when it comes to this project. We did not believe that the Sheriff & County Commissioners would be building a vehicle maintenance facility
 at one of the Sarasota I-75  gateway entrance. 
Fiscally, this decision does not make sense when weighed against the viable alternative on Knight's Trail nearby. Effective communication with the
community could have prevented this damage by "friendly fire" & a much better, long term solution could have be achieved. This is a mistake that will
last for many generations!  Presently, we're still stinging badly from this great betrayal by people we trusted.  We seek to be much more keen
observers, & strong communicators going forward.  Please stay tuned, & check back often!

Contact a NACA Board Member if you'd like to learn more, and/or become a NACA volunteer.


The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is investing roughly $1,000,000 in interchange beautification - just in time for
Sarasota County leaders to build a Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Facility for the Sheriff at our "East Gateway!"   See below to learn more...
See Video Of October 25, 2016 NACA Candidates Forum

See The Video Of The July, 2016 Candidates Forum
Sarasota County Commission & FL State Senate District 23

This Brief Video Identifies Each Candidate Present
DRAFT  -  Concept Plan For New Merkle Park Design In Nokomis
Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight Has Published A Document For Residents Alerting Them To Traveling Thieves
- Transient Thieves -
New Hotel In Nokomis Albee Rd and Tamiami Trl
Nokomis  N e w s 
See Local TV Channel 40 (ABC) Story On Nokomis
February 2016
United States Congressman Vern Buchanan (Florida), and United States Congressman Bill Shuster (Pennsylvania)  Held A Town Hall Meeting At NACA Florida State Representative Greg Steube participates in a
candidate forum as he's running for the State Senate; now he is our Senator Steube!
                   NACA QUARTERLY MEETINGS

Bill Furst, Sarasota County Property Appraiser Speaking To NACA

FDOT Representatives Brian Blair & Robin Stublin
Speaking To NACA About Road Project

Nokomis Revitalization Plan

What is the Sarasota County Charter & what does the Board do?
Bruce Dillon, NACA President, is an elected member of the Sarasota County Charter Review Board

Sheriff Knight & His Department At NACA
Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight and several of his professional sworn officers were our featured guests. Below is a video of some of
what transpired at this enjoyable and instructive NACA Quarterly Meeting - fun to watch!


Sarasota County Philosophy & Procedures To Beach Maintenance AREA  NEWS
  State Approves Two Hospitals In Nokomis Area
Jacaranda/East Venice and Laurel Road/Pinebrook



Sarasota County Mosquito Control Criteria

December 13, 2016
Sarasota County Board of County Commissioners vote 5 - 0 to construct a maintenance facility for the Sheriff at Pinebrook and Laurel Road; the I-75 gateway to Nokomis.  This vote was in spite of NACA and neighbors pleas not to construct the facility at this location.


Legacy Trail Developments and News
PDF Presentation To The Sarasota Board of County Commissioners
  Views North OF The Legacy Trail Overpass
Click On Pictures To See Full Size

Sheriff Office Helicopter At NACA


Retiring NACA Board Member Norm Stewart (center) pictured with NACA
Vice President Robert Merrill (left) and former President John Ask (right). 
Norm served on the NACA Board from 1997 to 2011.

Patrick McCarthy leads the clean up patrol - 4 times per year.
Please consider joining us in the future  -  Thank You!


Area News Articles & Issues



Jim Cuddy, Nokomis East Leader At The Legacy Trail Kiosk
NACA donated $1,000 to the Friends of The Legacy Trail toward an
INFORMATION KIOSK along the trail near Nokomis Park. 
Click here for the Thank You letter from Friends of The Trail.
Southwest Florida Water Management Department
Watering Suggestions Here - Especially WINTER WATERING
Alternatives To Turf.......

Nokomis Center Revitalization Plan &
Vision For Our Commercial Overlay District
BECOME A MEMBER OF NACA - ONLY $5, 1 Year or 5 Years $20
Nokomis History, P 1 (PDF) More Information About NACA & Our Projects
Nokomis History, P 2     (PDF) Nokomis & Sarasota County Internet Links
Maps & Pictures Of The Dona & Roberts Bay Watershed Maps Locating Nokomis
Water Pinhole Leak Information NACA & Nokomis In Pictures

"Thank You & Best Wishes To Tom Bartholomay"
Tom has been a valuable NACA Board Member & Will Be Missed!
On a very sad note, Tom passed away recently in Minnesota.
(Pictured with John Ask)

Gator Visits A Nokomis Neighborhood


Bill Cantrell President (941) 586-8301
Bruce Dillon Revitalization (941) 485-9366
Victor Bagnardi Treasurer (941) 350-8597
Leeanne Stavarz Secretary  
Patrick McCarthy Waterways (941) 488-3784
Robert Merrill Vice President (941) 966-1036
Vicki Provencher Membership (941) 484-1804
Valerie Grey      Newsletter Editor



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